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 Date: 4th March 2005
Foosball Exploding in Brisbane

They are probably the most overworked and underpaid 26 members of any technology company--whipsawed between rival factions, spun senseless from overuse, dizzy after round-the-clock shifts.
But the plastic men who toil on the foosball field are nothing if not respected pillars of the New Economy.

Everyone I know who has gone to RPI in the last 15 years played some foosball while they were at school. CNET is reporting that foosball is exploding as a form of indoor entertainment. Much of the resurgence is attributed to the availability of foosball in the work environment at high tech companies."

According to the article, "After spending most of the '80s and much of the '90s in relative obscurity, virtually unknown to anyone unfamiliar with the inside of low-rent pubs, foosball has staged a stunning comeback. And it owes its renaissance to faddish Internet companies that have embraced the game with gusto."

Dave continued: "I know foosball is a big sport at Rensselaer. If you played foosball when you were in school, tell the rest of us what you like or dislike about it. Do you still play?

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