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 Date: 5th of January 2004
Indoor games for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us again and the yearly dilemma has presented itself again. What do we get our loved ones for presents. Do we get the kids another mindless video game that will keep them glued in front of the computer or TV for endless hours, or can I get them something the whole family will enjoy?

Without dating myself, I can remember spending hours upon hours in my Uncle?s basement playing table tennis or billiards and loving every minute of it. Why not buy a family game this holiday season that will keep the kids busy and maybe they?ll actually enjoy doing an activity with Mom and Dad!

There are whole assortments of indoor games available that will fit perfectly in anyone?s basement, garage or family room. You can try a billiard table, air powered hockey, foosball or table tennis table for starters. They even make combination games that offer anywhere from 2 to 9 games in one! How?s that for excitement. You can buy some of these tables from $99 to $1000 and up depending on the size and quality of the game.

Billiard tables are available in 5? size through official 8? size in a variety of price points. If you want a good playable table that will last for many years without breaking the bank, you can go with a Slatek? table from $100 to $700 depending on the size and model. Slatek? pool table tops are constructed with a core of durable Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The tops are put through a sanding process to produce a perfectly flat playing surface. Then a laminate reinforcement is applied to both sides, providing resistance to humidity and creating a durable surface.

There are many different manufacturers of billiard tables including one of the leaders in the industry, Halex, who offers a complete line of billiard tables as well as foosball, air hockey, combination tables, Boccerball Marble Soccer games and electronic dartboards.

If you want the best money can buy, you?ll want to make sure to get a slate table, which is much heavier, but also offers the most level playing surface that will never warp. Slate tables will set you back a minimum of $1,000 and up depending on the size and the style, but if you just want a good size table that your family can play, the less expensive Slatek? models are ideal.

Indoor Soccer Tables or Foosball tables can be the ideal game for your recreational room or basement. They are fun to play and require quick reflexes and great hand, eye coordination. Depending on the quality of the soccer table you can pick one up from $59.00 for a junior size table upwards to $1000 for a top of the line table. The construction, size, quality of the table components and playing surface all can effect the overall price and playability of the table. If you?re buying it strictly for the kids, a $100 to $150 table will probably last you for many years. For the more serious player, or someone who wants a higher quality look and product, the $200 and up models would be ideal.

Companies like Halex offer a complete line of tables including their new Indoor/Outdoor Phoenix models, which are made to withstand rain, snow, sun and heat. These exciting new tables are ideal for the pool deck or backyard.

Of course you can never go wrong with an exciting game of air powered hockey. As with most table games you have many different styles and sizes to choose from. Entry level tables can be bought for less than $100, with mid priced tables going for $100 to $300. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose a 5?, 6? or 7? version. You can also choose from a 1-on-1 rectangular table or a 3-on-3 oval shaped table.

Although most tables are pretty much the same as when I was a kid, every once in a while something new and exciting hits the market. The Halex Boccerball Marble Soccer Game is one such item. A recent winner in the prestigious Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year Awards, 2001, Boccerball is an extremely exciting game.

The object of the game is to knock a soccer ball into your opponent?s goal by quickly dropping steel marbles down as many ?shoots? as possible onto the playing surface. The first player to reach a predetermined number of goals wins. Anyone who plays this game will instantly become addicted to its fast pace action. It?s the perfect game for kids and adults alike.

There are 3 different size models available from $69 to $150.

So if you are thinking about getting an indoor table game for yourself or your family for the holidays, hopefully you will have a better idea of what your options are.

Source: Regents Sports Corp
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