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 Date: 1st January 2004
Vifa Celebrates League Success

LOCATION Riviera Hotel & Casino
Building on the success of foosball in the desert, the Valley International Foosball Association (VIFA) will be arriving in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for the playing of the...

5th Anniversary VIFA International Championships.
The Riviera Hotel & Casino will again play host to hundreds of VIFA League Players who will be competing on over 100 Valley Tornado foosball tables. Up for grabs are the following titles and a share of the estimated $40,000 Prize Fund...

  • Full Team
  • Mixed Team
  • Regular Doubles
  • Men's Singles
  • Women's Singles
With competition ranging from Singles to Two, Three and Four Person Teams, their is certainly enough action to wet every foosers appetite.

The week of the Championships begins with a Kick-Off Party where players from around the country and abroad can get together for a gathering of foostalk and comararderie. This relaxed setting will allow the players to breath easy one last time before the biggest foosball challenge of their lives.

On Saturday evening when all of the Champions have been decided, VIFA will hold a special Awards Presentation for it's newly crowned winners. The banquet will be a great place for the players to kick back and think about what was or what could have been while at the same time enjoying some fantastic entertainment.

The VIFA Championships are a symbol of the continued growth and love for the great sport of foosball.

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