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Paul Baxter  -  Brisbane   Australia
Statistics and Education aside, I do enjoy doing other things in the world. I once saw a movie where the main character quoted an Italian belief. It was said that when someone dies, they ask his family "did he have passion"? I think that might be the
Bob Ashton  -  Sydney   Australia
Foosball?is something that isn?t left in the club, it takes itself home with you, and it can be your best friend, or annoy you to the point where you envy the spider up on the wall by your computer admiring his simple life.

On Mac or PC, from
Ellen Markets  -  Edinbugh   Scotland

I enjoy surfing, and get out at most opportunities - water is my second home. I like going through crazy markets, I love food, good wine. Live jazz [Glenn Miller tribute stuff], travelling around the world is a nice hobby, as is meeting people who

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