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Hall of Fame

Founded by Paul Holstein in 2004, the ciCMS: Foosball League hall of fame offers modern day foosers the opportunity to look back and remember the players and influential people who helped make today's game what it is. Each year at the season opening event in Las Vegas, three deserving individuals are honored in a formal induction ceremony at the Hall of Fame Classic.

2003 - Hall of Fame Inductees
Ian Exaudi - Copenhagen DENMARK
Mathew Johnson - Uzbekistan
Paul Holstein - Brisbane AUSTRALIA
2002 - Hall of Fame Inductees
Lisa Exaudi - Brisbane AUSTRALIA
Paul Ferry - London ENGLAND
Quick-e-mart Lady - West Ashgrove AUSTRALIA
2001 - Hall of Fame Inductees
Atilla Urjavi - Mcdonalds HUNGARY
Shaun Holstein - Delft NETHERLANDS
Valentine Exaudi - Dalmatia CROATIA
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