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Membership - 123

  • Anybody can join the league
  • Annual membership dues are
    - One Year Free
    - Per Club Visit Free
    • Dues provide the following benefits to members:
      - Free foosball once a week at the Union Billiards
      - Discounted price for foosball and pool at the Union Billiards every day
      - Lower tournament registration fee ($3, instead of $5)


The mission for ciCMS: Foosball League is to promote all levels of recreational and competitive Table Soccer (Foosball) at the University of Michigan. Sharpen your skills at weekly club gatherings, featuring free foosball at the Michigan Union Billiards room. Test your skills at monthly tournaments. And if you come out on top, you can play for the glory of Foosball at the regional foosball championship!

The club rules are simple:

  • Any body can join the league
  • All members must want to play
    foosball, and have fun!
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